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I got this game in a bundle but never got around to playing it. But right now I'm listening to the podcast A More Civilized Age's episode playing the game with its creator Jess Levine, and besides being a fun story, the episode does a great job explaining the rules and gameplay of Going Rogue and showing how cool this game is! 

(And honestly, Jess did a great job in the episode selling Belonging Outside Belonging games in general; I own several but have never understood the token mechanic, and her explanation was very helpful.)

I don't have many opportunities to play TTRPGs, and my group is currently still slowly working through a session of Anomaly by Sniperserpent that we started last October. But given that the whole group loves Andor and GMless games, I think this is going to be the next game we play, and I can't wait!


Going Rogue is a great game for short adventures in Rogue One inspired narratives.

I made a quick look video about it:


Really glad I got the chance to play this. Super fun and easy to get in to. Mechanics facilitate story very well! Expertly put together.


Absolutely loved this expansion! The convert is a really interesting playbook and everything is really well fleshed out. Feels professional and not a product of a jam