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hello rogues!

i am so excited to share that going rogue is receiving its first major update, in the form of a second edition!  for those of you who already own going rogue, the second edition is free! this expands the game to 5 players, and adds all the content below. if you don't own going rogue, or you don't own the base game galactic 2e, check out the bundle at the bottom!

this new second edition adds a variety of new content:

  • a 5th playbook, THE LOYAL, inspired by K-2SO and other Star Wars companion characters, expanding the game to 5 players!.THE LOYAL features a unique mechanic in which your moves interact differently when they target a bonded character!
  • a new pillar, THE BOND, a unique spin on Belonging Outside Belonging’s “setting element” mechanic, in which the unfailing trust between THE LOYAL and another player character becomes a discrete element of the setting
  • a set of 6 traits to supplement the 36 in the base book, which better match the tone of going rogue
  • a complete rework of the SACRIFICE fate mechanic, simplifying, streamlining, and adding more flavor
  • a completely revamped layout that's easy to read and easy to browse
  • more small improvements all over, as the result of additional playtesting

additionally, to celebrate the Andor release, there is a ready-to-play bundle with the base game galactic 2e, getting both combined for over 20% off!

get the galactic 2e / going rogue 2e bundle right here!

Choose your comrades, ready your weapons, and prepare to embrace your ultimate fate. Will you let yourself be crushed underfoot by the metal treads of empire? Or do you dare to hope that rebellion is possible? 


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