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HACK THE PLANET is a roguelike set in a 90s retrofuture all about hacking NETPOL, the cops who rule the internet, alongside your BBS of hacker friends. Bypass firewalls, vandalize nodes, and get into petty arguments with your friends as you hunt for the score of a lifetime: THE MOTHERLODE.

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 51.


Jess Levine: Lead writer, programmer, game design
Heather Flowers: Lead programmer, writer, game design, art
Aaron (@grump_ai): Music, additional writing
Vin Tanner: Playtesting, additional writing
Ren Finkel: Playtesting
Rhiannon N Daly: Playtesting
StrikeWhistler: Keyboard SFX


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now that that bug is fixed, i had a lot of fun with the game
also, to any who read the HR log about the furry convention, may this be a lesson: Don't fuck with us.

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Loved the game!  The concept is awesome, dialog felt relatively realistic, having character interactions were super cool.  The only thing that I have a problem with is the limited possible node puzzles and how fast it was to finish the game.  I also would've liked to have more in-depth puzzles that take more time to explore but I totally get why that wasn't an option for this one.  I really hope that you dudes (gender neutral) expand upon this concept after the jam!


This reminds me of No Crypto for Old Men in a very good way.  I think the writing here is even better, or at least as good and there's a lot more of it, but the initially impressive hacking minigames lose their appeal a little quicker, which is unfortunate.  Cleared it on the third dive, which may or may not be optimal depending on if Alpha will message you after you exceed her score even if you trigger Vandal and Trix's event simultaneously.  Probably she will and you can do it in 2 dives, but I forgot to message Gatecrash before dive 1 and I haven't memorized calcubot so :D;

i think that my monitor size is messing with the game
when i'm crawling there are paths to offscreen nodes, and i exhaust all the nodes that i can reach before finding any paydata

sorry to hear this! could you grab a screenshot? if so we can try to debug!

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Here's what the game looks like when I launch it.

Here's what it looks like after I click the fullscreen button.

Here is an example of a pair of nodes that I can't leave because only the other node is adjacent and onscreen. This is after I botched a node, but I've run into other scenarios where I can't progress when I haven't failed any. 
I'm not sure how I got into this pair of nodes. It might have involved screen scroll, like, I exploited the slow scroll to click on the node before it left the screen.

Hi, the bug causing this issue has been fixed! The game should now scale properly to your monitor size, letting you navigate nodes more easily. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

i, uhh, didn't notice inbox at first and tried every combination of numbers the characters said in the bulletin board. Never had trouble with the dives and very fun though.

friggin NAILED the game theme holy cow. i didnt start messaging people until a couple days in but i also didn't manage to win before bed, so i'm excited to revisit the characters from the start. the writing is top notch and the loop is fun, feels like i'm playing cook serve delicious  and it's a very clever way to shape encounters given the adversaries being as fast as they are and the overall time limit for the game prototype. incredible package, really excited to poke at this some more. amazing job, team!! 

fun! neat little fast-paced crawler game. it feels a little weird that i have to use the mouse to move around but i use the keypad for everything else in the game? but other than that awkwardness i really enjoyed it. i'd be down for an expanded version of this too!

Five stars!

This is a fun little game. It's quite impressive that this was done in just 72 hours! 

This game was a fun thrill as I navigated through the UI. Fun, tight gameplay loop. Left me wanting more for sure.

I've beaten the main objective, so I'm now sitting here going thru "HR Reports" and giggling at various names and scenarios, and I'm gonna poke about and see if there's anything else I can dig up, I'm sure there's stuff I've not managed to hit yet...

I'd love to see a sequel / Post-ludum version that brings in more.